Sunday, 31 January 2010

Out again at last!

First outing of the year today- down to SNEC for their unaff SJ show. Decided to enter the 85cm class (comfort zone!) and be brave and enter the 95cm class also.

Not very busy- was everyone else staying in as it was so cold?! ;) Had a nervy first round in the 85cm but Heidi saved the day at a couple of fences where I'd panicked and not quite found the right stride and we went clear. A nice speedy jump off (she loves these the best!) and some tight lines kept us in the lead until the 2nd last horse went and just pipped us to it by 2s. Very happy with 2nd place though as George definitely had his BSJA hat on and was building up to height!

Decided to do the 95cm first round but w/d if the jumps got scary big in the jump off. Thankfully didn't need to worry- but for a good reason! ;) Only four of us in the class, with us last to go. The first three all picked up 4 faults each and a more relaxed and more flowing clear round gave us first place and red rosette without needing to panic about big jumps in the jump off or wimp out! ;)

There was a photographer there today, so look forward to seeing the pics when they go online. :) (sadly our usual personal paparazzo had a prior engagement so no Bob pics! :( )

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