Sunday, 14 February 2010

Arena Event- Howe CC

Although Heidi managed to pick up a kick wound the other week, a wee bit of rest and antibiotics cleared it up nicely and we were able to head off to Howe as planned for Les Smith's arena event. It's combined SJ and simulated XC-style jumping. Todays course was 8 SJ fences then 8 XC fences- a long course to remember on a Sunday morning! ;)

Heidi was certainly feeling fresh and well and had a ball, flying around and giving fences plenty of air, with the only exception being the planks where we got a bit of a duff line (due to her tanking off from the previous fence!) and she just tipped it with her back toes.

Some nice photos courtesy of Bob;
Had an "eeek" moment at the bounce fence near the end of the course, she tripped on landing over the first part but somehow shuffled her feet around and cleared it- looking at the second photo below I've no idea how!
So probably no placing with the four faults, but I reckon our time would have been ok! ;) Having another attempt at Gleneagles in a couple week's time, hopefully a little calmer 2nd time around!

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