Sunday, 10 January 2010

Happy New Year! (January cancelled!)

Happy New Year and all the best to everyone for 2010 from Team Hopalong. :)

As per the rest of the country, we are suffering a lack of normality due to the "Big Freeze". This means we've not been riding since 17th Dec and everything takes twice as long to do- defrosting the car, breaking ice on water troughs, spreading hay in the field as grass well and truly buried etc. Hopefully we'll see a "Big Thaw" soon and we can go back to complaining about the mud! ;)

So all plans for January have been cancelled and I think Heidi is enjoying being a lady of leisure. At least she's still able to get turned out 7am-4pm each day as normal or she'd be going stir crazy (like I am with the lack of riding!).

Had a "mild" couple of hours yesteday afternoon when the sun came out (I know it doesn't look it, but photos were taken on my wee camera phone!) so thought I'd let Heidi enjoy a wee break from her rug, thinking she might enjoy a naked roll etc... no, she just wanted to stand and eat!

Had a battle to get her to stand and let me put her rug back on again- think she was quite happy without!- but then got a lovely photo of her being interested in a fox trying to catch a rabbit for dinner next door.

So I'm afraid it will be a quiet month for us until we get rid of the snow/ice and can get fit again and out and about.

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