Monday, 5 September 2011

Final post-injury vet check up

So with it now being almost a year since Hopalong injured her stifle, we were back to Andrew McDiarmid for a final check up and to see how he thought she'd coped with coming back into work.

Did the usual trot up and lunging;
 Andrew was happy with her, just noticing a slight "rolling" of her right hind (opposite side to injury), but nothing he was concerned with, so very good news. :)

He took some x-rays of the stifle again just to make sure there had been no changes since the first lot taken and again, the good news is that there wasn't. :)

So he gave us clearance to carry on riding as normal, start schooling again and then all going well, we can look to reintroduce jumping again next year, around about Feb/Mar time.  He thinks 90cm (intro) height would be perfectly fine to aim for as long as she feels happy and doesn't go lame again, so fingers crossed we can get back out to doing some intro BE events next summer. :)

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