Sunday, 28 August 2011

A trip to the beach! :D

Since we were doing well with our hacking rehab, I wanted to find something fun to do with Hopalong before going back to the vets (again!!) for a final check up at the start of September.  I had thought of trying a wee local showing show which had veteran classes but the weather spoiled that plan and it was rained off.  Maybe it was just that the show organiser heard I wanted to bring my wonky donkey?! ;)

So instead, we opted for a fun trip to the beach with my friend Victoria and her lovely horse Millie.  Bob was dragged along to take photos and we had a blast. :D  Hopalong was very brave and waded into the scary waves up to her knees (I'm pretty sure Bob was disappointed that she didn't send me swimming with a spook!) and had great fun racing Millie along the beach. :D

Millie and Hopalong head down to the beach.
A wee trot to warm up.
Leaving poor Millie behind!
All four feet off the ground, "flying"! :D
Giving the waves the evil eye!
Trying to avoid them...
Being persuaded they won't eat her and having a trot/canter through them. :)
She's a racehorse don't ya know! ;)

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