Sunday, 11 July 2010

Eglinton BE100 (10th July)

A bit quicker to update this time! ;)

Yesterday, we were at Eglinton Horse Trials for our third crack at BE100. Hoping to definitely better the dressage from last time out, avoid cheeky run outs in the SJ and keep up the clear XC.

Went down on Friday and stabled overnight to split up the travelling and walk the course to save having to do it on the day. Glad I walked the XC the day before as one word summed it up- BIG! At least overnight I could shrink them in my head and just kick on when on course the next day! ;) Course pics here-

A little plea with the weather to stay dry didn't really work. On off drizzle/rain most of the morning, but luckily the worst only arrived as we were leaving. As it had been so dry recently, the ground soaked up lots of the rain, but it was rather squidgy in the SJ.

Dressage went ok. She warmed up lovely (as always!) and then enjoyed a good nosey and some pokey-nose moments in the test itself. Felt like we had more moments of nice outline than last time though and at least the judge and I were working off the same test sheet! ;) Ended up with 43. At least not bottom this time!

Can you believe that when I picked up my test sheet later we only got a 5 for the halt, saying "not square"?! Hmph! Should have sent Bob along with photo evidence!

Onto the SJ and with some help from a SJ-er friend (who couldn't understand the worry over knock-down fences and the excitement over solid ones!) warmed up nicely, not being too daft about the muddy take offs which was good! It was a very twisty course and I hadn't been able to walk it, so was worried I might get lost!

Over no.1;
Remembered to turn right after it, but couldn't quite see no.2 as quick as I would have liked! Ended up with a little squiggle to it, Heidi had a wee think about spooking but legs on and she went! Down to no.3;
Then up to no.4;

And down to the double at 5 where we managed to squeeze two strides in where there should have been one. Clever pony kept the upright at part b up though.
Up over no.6 and no.7;
Then back down over no.8 (told you it was twisty!) and round to the last line of two fences. Got a big jump over no.9;
Which got us a little close to the last fence at no.10, thought we may have got lucky, but as 2nd picture shows, not quite! Just tipped it behind for 4 faults at the last fence, grrr!

Very quick change of clothing for both of us and off to the XC. Quick whizz round the warm up (literally, she was very keen!) and then we were off. Jumped the big hedge at no.1 well and then jumped the wee log pile/step up at no.2 as if it wasn't there. Zig zag through the gateway and on to the helsinki steps at no.3, did her little trick of jinking on the last stride to jump a bigger part than planned! Onto 4ab (a step up with BIG ditch in front to a skinny house) that I was quite nervous about, but she popped up really nicely, big pat and good girl for her.

Then over a wee palsade fence with raised ground on landing which was a definite let up fence compared to the others;
And onto no.6- a rather large hedge with drop on landing which was the next fence I was worried about. However, she flew over and it felt fab! The next picture is my favourite- may even be the first to be printed up and put on the wall!

We then crossed the road, over some rails filled with lots of flowers and another big hedge at 8. 180 degree turn back on ourselves to little palisade fence then over trakhener at 10. Another BIG ditch at 11 which she went over lovely (maybe I can stop worrying about them?!) and out over little log pile with raised landing at 12;

Then onto a palisade with brush at 13, down the hill to a step up and ski jump off a bank at 14 and through the water at 15 (rail before the water then splash through), got a little close to the rail at the top of the hill after the water, but careful jump and gallop on to no.17;

Then a zig zag across the field to no.18;

And onto a chair/drop fence at 19 and 20. There wasn't much time to recover from slipping the reins for the drop and 20 and getting them gathere up for a log before a steep ramp/splash through burn at 21ab. She really backed off the log (having spotted the ramp/water) but clambered over it when kicked. This meant I slipped the reins to let her balance after having a sticky jump and ske took advantage by diving left on landing away from the water. Managed to pull her up, get reins/stirrup sorted and wiggle back round to the burn without crossing our tracks, but wasted lots of time here, grrr! Video evidence of this below!

Got back into a nice canter and jumped the veggie box fence at 22 lovely, then back into last field and over log and gallop over the finish line clear! :D 12.8 time pens (expected thanks to wiggle at 21, plus the ones we'd have probably clocked up anyway!) but very happy to have got round a very up to height course.

Ended up 13th out of 27 starters, nice and consistent with our middle of the pack finishing position! Next event is Strathallan on 1st August, would really love to improve the dressage a little more and get that elusive DC at PN level nailed. Will let you know! :)

A couple videos thanks to a friend of the XC. 1st one- fences 3 and 4ab, then off up the hill towards 5;

And fences 17-22, including our "oopsie" at 21. Typical that we do that right in front of the video camera! ;) Although could have come in handy for disputing any penalties...!

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