Sunday, 7 March 2010

More weather woe.

The weather has been at it again, more snow at the end of February meant the arena event we were supposed to go to at Gleneagles was cancelled due to their lorry park being under 3ft of snow! Our planned trip to Duns Castle for the team HT for today was also cancelled due to the recent snow and wet ground once this started thawing.

Typically, both events have been rearranged for the same date- Sunday 21st March- so we need to choose which one to do. "Real" XC has won over simulated XC, so fingers crossed the ground holds up and we get nice weather in a couple weeks time. :)

We did manage to get to Kingsbarn EC on Tuesday for a SJ lesson with David Gatherer though. We had a really good lesson, working on lengthening and shortening the canter. We usually find distances long, but after warming up and doing the exercise a couple of times I was having to hold and wait to get the distance rather than kicking on to make it! Heidi was fab and David full of compliments about her. :)

A wee video below thanks to my friend Mandy who came along to watch and keep us company.

We are back to Kingsbarn on Saturday for our Riding Club show, doing one dressage test and a couple of SJ classes. Best go learn my dressage test...!

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